Graffiti Removal & Anti-Graffiti Applications

altaltTrillium Diversified takes graffiti abatement to an unprecedented level.  The GSS patented multiple layer of defense provides unlimited graffiti removal capabilities - for up to 25 years - without dimishing performance or compromising the aesthetics of the structure.  Our easy-to-apply, easy-to-remove, environmentally friendly graffiti removal solution makes clean-up fast, easy and safe.  The patented GSS system includes a pure affinity cleaner that "lifts" graffiti from the substrate, which means that graffiti clean-up takes only a fraction of the time or other removal solutions.  For cities, counties and personal residences, our solution delivers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need to repaint or reapply anti-graffiti products for GSS' entire lifecycle.


Companies worldwide have discovered that using a traditional graffiti abatement solution is unreliable and in the long run, more costly.  That's why permanent non-sacrificial anti graffiti removers are becoming the de facto standard.  The easy-to-clean Graffiti Solution System (GSS) provides the most thorough and risk-free solution for your organization, leading to lower maintenance and capital costs.  With the Graffiti Solution System (GSS), you will invest in a protective anti-graffiti solution that will meet your organization's needs today and tomorrow.

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Removal on an abandoned 100 year old home in Detroit
No water? no problem....400 gallon transport capacity to the removal site.


How does the Trillium Anti-Graffiti Application work?
The Graffiti Solution System (GSS) is a preventive system for graffiti control utilizing a permanent antigraffiti coating process and a simple graffiti removal process.  It is designed for maintenance of a graffiti free environment where graffiti taggings are removed immediately upon discovery, leaving no evidence of graffiti.  The coating can withstand repeated graffiti removals using Erasol remover without reapplication.  The Erasol graffiti remover product is sprayed on by bottle and agitated over the graffiti tag.  It is then hosed off by a regular garden hose.  This biodegradable, nonflammable, nontoxic product has a pH of 7.5 which allows safe entrance into the ground water.  Erasol can be readily degraded by typical waste water treatment plant organisms.  Erasol enables graffiti removal without the need for toxic stripping agents, sand or soda blasting equipment, or high pressure, hot water washing systems.  This system us easy and economical and the property remains permanently protected against future taggings.  The eigth different base coatings provide different performance and aesthetic qualities for a variety of substrates with a wide range of coating combinations including;

  • Concrete Masonry
  • Murals
  • Wood
  • EIFS
  • Signs or painted surfaces


  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Vinyl
  • Stone
  • Metal


Video Comparison

Cleaning In Real Time

The Graffiti Solution System features a manufacturer limited, 10 year performance warranty.  As well as a limited one year application warranty.

Features & Advantages

  • Completely natural appearance: natural masonry, stone, EIFS or other architechural
  • Finishes are virtually unchaged
  • Pigmented, glossy appearance
  • Clear of pigmented with flat, semi gloss, or gloss finishes; offers an unlimited number of architectural choices.

Properties and Performance

  • Permanent coating
  • Withstands unlimited remo vals
  • VOC compliant, vapor permeable
  • Excellent abrasion, corrosion and salt spray resistance
  • UV and stain resistant
  • Non chalking; yellowing
  • Years of successful field applications
  • Various federal, state and city testing and approvals on all types of surfaces
  • FDA/USDA approved

Graffiti Solution System (GSS) - Offers the following advantages

  • Graffiti can be removed repeatedly without the need to reprotect or recoat the surface for up to 25 years
  • Removing graffiti is now immediately and complete - no shadowing or ghosting like most other anti-graffiti coatings or graffiti proof paint
  • Maintains the natural look of the underlying surface with a non-glare, invisible finish
  • Requires no special equipment for removing graffiti
  • Environmentally friendly product promotes safe clean-up


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Graffiti Removal on power line poles, no power washing required

Who depends on the
GSS Anti-Graffiti system

A & B Petroleum Inc

Abbott Senior Center

Ace Construction Services

Ace Hardware

Acme Retail Center


Alvanza Supermarket

Araceli Baptista-Robison-Prezioso

Austin Service Center

Auto Zone

Avott Roseland Senior Center

Baja Trading Company

Barry Nidorf Juvenile Hall

Battery Park City Parks Corp

Bellarmine Project

Best Buy

Bird Rock Elementary School

Birmingham School District


Boat Park

Boswell Square Park

Brown-Strauss Steel

Budd Park Restroom

Buehner Block

Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport Authority

Casa De Capistrano

Centex Homes

Chicago Dept Of Transportation

Chicago Senion Center

Chicago Transit Authority

City & County Of Broomfield Co

City Of Miami Beach Procurment Division

City Of Bainbridge Georgia

City Of Campbell

City Of Corona

City Of Cupertino

City Of El Cerrito

City Of Elgin

City Of Fresno

City Of Glendale

City Of Glendale Neighborhood

City Of Hayward

City Of Kennewick

City Of Lajunta

City Of Las Vegas
Exploration Park At Mountains Edge

City Of Las Vegas

Goynes Park

City Of Mantica

City Of Modesto

City Of New York Dept Of Parks

City Of North Las Vegas

City Of North Las Vegas

City Of Peoria, Arizona

City Of Racine, Wisconsin

City Of Reno

City Of Reno Parks Div

City Of San Jose, Ca

City Of Shoreview

City Of Sunnyvale - Cal Train Overpass

City Of Topeka, Park Management Office

City Of Torrence

City Of Turlock

City Of West Haven

City Of West Jordan, Utah

City Of West Valley City

Utah City Of Wichita

Clark County Nevada, Parks & Recreation - Lone Mountain Park

Commercial Wallboard Systems

Comprehensive Environmental

Conrad Knowles

Costco Warehouse

Cottonwood Cove Condominiums

Cottonwood Improvement Dist


Czech Republic

Daw Construction Group, LLC

Deluxe Painting & Decorating, Dublin, Ireland

Detroit Public Schools

Dorothy Kirby Center

Ecosystems Spe Srl (Costa), Rome Italia

El Paso Street Dept

Encino Water

Energy Conservation System

Englewood Senior Center

Farwell Recreation Center, Michigan

Fast Signs

Fire Station #888, Chicago

Fire Station, Engine Company #84, Chicago

First Forest Properties

Flag Hill

Florida Show Building

Frazee Paint & Wallcovering

Fresh Fields/Whole Foods Market

Fuji Park

General Paint - Canada

General Products Machine Shop

Georgia Construction Prod, Inc

Georgia Department Of Transportation

Good Day Apartments

Granite School District

Hardin Honda

Harvard Market

Heilman Middle School, Detroit

Historic Town Center

Holland Public Schools - Michigan

Huntington Beach, Ca

Illinois Department Of Transportation

Jack Fischer Park, City Of Campbell

Jc Penny Department Stores

Jefferson County Public Schools

John Harris High School

John Pittman High School

Jordan School District

Jurupa Community Service Dist

Kearns Improvement District

Keiser Park Bldg., Aumsville, Oregon

Kent & Doc's Place

Key Cast Stone Co., Inc.

Kohl's Department Store

Lagoon Fun Park, Farmington, Ut

Larena-Falasa, California

Lake Bluff East Pointe

Las Vegas Parks & Recreation Dept

Las Vegas Valley Water Dist

Lincoln High School, San Diego, Ca

Londino Stone

Los Angeles County - Isd

Los Angeles Unified School District

Lotana Grocery

Lowe's Home Improvement

Mackenzie Service Corporation

Maneri Sign, Inc.

Manteca Well #25

Marin County Parks

Mark Seau Center

Marta Rail Facility

Metra Stations - Chicago, Il

Mission Bay School

Murlands Middle School

Murray City Water

Nakaw Southwest Corporation

Nationwide Maintenance, Inc

Near Cal Corp

Nevada Department Of Transportation

Nevada Power Company

New Jersey Department Of Transportation

New York City Housing Authority

North Beach Pool And Rec Ctr

Northeast United Corporation

Northfield Block

Oakwood Mortgage

Orco Block

Osco Drugs

Osborn Middle School, Detroit

Pacific Titan, Inc

Park Plaza Apartments, San Francisco

Peoria Street Fountain, Illinois

Pathmark Stores

Peter Piper Pizza

Peterson Marine

Phillips National

Pioneer Police Station, Salt Lake City, Utah

Play Ground Fantisica, Napa, Ca

Prairie Crossing Bike Path, Illinois

Public Building Commission Of Chicago

Publix Super Markets

Pulham Enterprises, Inc.

Pumpin Station, Salt Lake City, Utah

Red River

Redi Therm

Regency Realty

Reiman Corp

Renaissance High School, Detroit, Mi

Richmond Street Project, California

Rite-Aid Retail Facilities

Robertsons Marine

Ronald Reagan Courthouse

Roseland Senion Center

Rosewood Contracting Corp

Roy Family Aquatic Center, Utah

Rusch Park #02430

Rush Park Community Swim Center, California

S. Nevada Water District

Salt Lake County Facility & Maintenance, Utah

San Diego Unified School District

Sandy City Parks

Sanoma County Sherrif's

Santa Clara State Park

Santa Cruz Harbor

Sarasota County Parks & Recreation Department, Florida

Sav-On Department Store

Sculpture House Casting

Sensor Reality Company

Sherwin Williams

Silicon Valley Animal Control

Silver Meadow C/O Ellis Landau

Sinai Education Campus, Detroit, Michigan

Skanska Usa Building, I Nc

Smithtown Concrete Products

South East High School

Speedway Sand & Gravel

St Louis Public Schools

State Of California, Los Angeles County - Department Of

Public Social Services (Dpss)

State Of Hawaii/Oahu Trans

Sunrise Highland Development, Las Vegas

Sunrise Recreation & Park District, County Of Sacramento


The Utah Masonry Company

Tiffany Interiors

Toys 'R' Us

Triad Management, Llc

Trizechahn Development - Rusty Mort

Turlock Unified School District

Umstead Park

United States Postal Service

University Of Illinois In Chicago


Walla Walla Foundry, Inc.

Walnut Creek City Hall

Western States Electric

Westminister Pharmacy

Whole Foods Market

Wichita Corridor - Wichita, Ks

Williamalane Park & Rec

Willow Pond Park, Utah

Wilson Park Gymnasium, California

Winchester Shopping Center

Wyoming Department Of Transportation

Yosemite National Park

Zions Security

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