Trillium Diversified

‘The Other Guys’ Comments, Benefits or Drawbacks
Cost Medium price point, middle of the pack On average slighty lower price point Many of the other guys use lower grade materials, inferior low cost or home made sealers or inexperienced low cost labor to reduce cost.
Services Offered Specializing in ONLY hardscape cleaning and sealing Offers installations, landscape services, wood deck sealing, etc. Jack of all trades, master of none… Brick and concrete are complex materials to work with, learn and understand. We are 100% committed to cleaning and sealing of ONLY hardscape
Brick Paver Cleaning
Hot & cold water, industrial grade high volume systems Most systems cold water only, Home Depot type power washers Our system provides superior results!
Stamped & Regular Concrete Cleaning Rotary surface cleaners In most cases by wand or gun only Streakless cleaning on the surface, cleaning by wand will leave streaks and uneven areas which once sealed will be visible.
Standard Jointing sand

ONLY High Grade Polymeric Sand

Regular box store type play sand Polymeric sand remains flexible in the joint when wet thus absorbing movement caused by freeze thaw cycles. Regular sand will crack and break out of the joint under the same conditions.
Organic Jointing sand ONLY High Grade Polymeric Sand Organic binding joint stabilizing sand Lower cost material, lower grade product. Organic binders (glue) in these products typically fail prematurely. Testing at Trillium has indicated that in some cases the binder used actually accelerates weed and moss growth.
Stabilizing Sealer ONLY Premium Quality Private Label Trillium Products Off brand joint stabilizing sealers
Joint stabilizing sealers when used with regular play sand typically have the same result as acrylic sealers when used with regular play sand, cracking and breaking apart in the joint due to freeze thaw movement.
Sealers Premium quality Trillium Sealer Made In Michigan Low cost, low grade, off brand or home made sealers In order to cut cost some of the guys use low grade inferior sealer containing poor quality raw materials and plasticizers. Typically these types of sealers have a very short lifespan.
Manufacturer Certification Certified by multiple manufacturers in the application of thier products Most are not certified Trillium Diversified is directly trained and certified by the manufacturer. We have also consulted with and have obtained additional training directly by the chemists who have formulated the products we use.
Locations Multiple locations, multiple crews, efficient project completion time on large projects Limited service area or limited crews available Many of our competitors have a total of between one and four crew members, small crew sizes and lack of high power professional grade equipment will have a negative impact on larger projects.
Technology High tech, cutting edge, industry pioneering technology No tech, low tech Trillium Diversified utilizes the latest technology, including proprietary technology developed specifically for our company. Computers in all trucks also assist in several quality control and communication functions.
Training Formal training seminars Level of training-unknown All Trillium personnel are continuously trained and tested on a regular basis to ensure that they are fully qualified and capable of performing there duties beyond expectation.
Warranty One year, manufacturer backed Unknown When there is a problem, we don’t make excuses, or simply not show up to make repairs…we correct the problem, no questions asked.