Trillium Diversified Services, L.L.C. is a complete horizontial and vertical hardscape maintenance company. We started off in Michigan in 1997, with a used Chevy Astro Van. Then a gift of a tool shed for storage and a $500 loan from Grandma. 20 years later Trillium Diversified continues to provide outstanding service and products to its customers.

We have never forgot our humble roots or how we got here and have not lost focus on our core business… Cleaning and sealing of only hardscape materials such as brick pavers, decorative concrete and wall brick.

Peter T. Horwood
President & CEO

Mr. Horwood has an extensive background in the painting industry, he adapted his skills for the hardscape sealing industry when it was in its infancy and in 1997 founded Trillium Diversified Services, L.L.C.
Why Us Our explosive growth as a company is directly related to the quality, pride and professionalism our employees extend to our existing customer base. We have also invested heavily in state of the art custom computer systems and cutting edge equipment in able to provide our clients with a highly efficient and technologically advanced service. Our state of the art cleaning and sealing systems make the conventional power washing and sealing process obsolete.

Our highly trained professional sealing applicators are all hand selected by the president and CEO, Peter Horwood. From our project managers to our general laborers and sub contractors. The Trillium Diversified family are honest, maintain exceptional work ethic and character and take a great deal of pride in the work they do. We strongly believe that these are critical components in maintaining a successful, quality oriented company. Simply put, our employees and sub contractors have the expertise and ability to produce the results you are looking for…on time and on budget.